DataByte Escaped

It was nice Friday afternoon in winter when we went for our team building activity in Sydney CBD. We had a delicious mouth-watering lunch in a boutique Greek restaurant – Diethnes Greek. The décor settings will definitely transport you to the city of Athens in 1920’s. After good food and nice wine, we head next door, for Mission Escape, we were going for escape room for 8 people. Our mission is to escape Dr. M within 80 minutes and the task difficulty is 4 over 5!

As the story goes, Dr. M is a renowned chemist. His son, on the other hand, only has eyes for astronomy. Undeterred, Dr. M tries to shape his son into a chemist as outstanding as himself. He imparts his heir with the totality of his knowledge while forcing him to take courses in chemistry. Eventually, his son can no longer handle the pressure and commits suicide to avoid a life he doesn’t want. Since the loss of his son, Dr. M’s grasp on reality slips further and further until he starts experimenting on living people. And that’s where it started for us.

Two of us were brought into a room handcuffed under a table, and the rest of us were blindfolded into another chained to the floor, seated around the room. When the blindfold was removed, we found ourselves stuck in a pitch black dark room, where the six of us were basically grabbing and groping anything around us to find any clues to escape our first task. When some of us were pressing big red buttons on the floor simultaneously, there is a red light, so everyone started pressing the red buttons, and there was a key sprang out. We manage to open up our chains then we were supposed to work out how to open the door that will lead to the next room where our other two team members were still under the table.

The game was designed as such that the two members that were handcuffed supposed to communicate how to retrieve the codes, but being DataByte, we did it our way. Whilst there was one standing on the side trying to figure out what the two were saying from the other room, the rest of us tried searching around looking for clues. And we spotted the beaker with numbers on them. And using the beaker volume we rearrange the numbers and that lead us to the pass code to open up the padlock to the next room.

In the next room, we had to mix the right concoction in the right ratio to open the next room door. And also try to free the two team members still stuck under the table – which was actually fun to watch. So, the main task is to search for silver broken pieces in dim lit room that will give us scientific formula. At some point, we had to use mirrors to reflect laser points to get a clue, and bend down on our knees searching for many others. One way or the other, it was a good activity to keep all the team members on our toes. This was the room we spent most time searching for all the clues, which is around 20 minutes.

After we successfully opened up the door to the next challenge, some of us went in, saw the laser beams, we went sideways to take in what is going on. But there was also one of us, who went straight on the green laser light and hit the retry buzzers until ERROR. We got the lady on the speaker telling us to do the activity properly. Yes, our dear team member was attempting to sacrifice himself for the team – what a goose! But nonetheless, the task is purely physical for this room, where we are required to move around the laser beams and hit the 4 buttons placed in different spots in the room. We had our Jiu-Jitsu expert going half way and conquered two buttons at the opposite sides. Then there were another two us where we needed to travel to the end of the wall to reach the other two buttons. It was like living the Tom Cruise Mission Impossible moment navigating through those laser lights.

Then, we were led to the next room. This room had a lot of photos and a wall with mural which is basically leading to a set of codes that will help us solve to the next level. One of us cracked the photos as anagrams and we manage to open one of the clues, that lead us crack the mural on the wall code. We manage to open the safe, and what we got, a remote control. Now, now, who better with remote than yours truly James. He navigated through the doggie hole on the door while the rest of us watch it on CCTV. AND we got the key to the next room!

The final room was full of models of the planets and we have to use the periodic table to crack this one. We each had to click on the button found under the planets in given order for us to get the last piece of clue which will lead us to the exit door. Finally, we solved the last clue, which is basically all of us lined up linking ourselves from the metal key to the last door handle, and it opened. The team work led us to escape before our 80 minutes are up.

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