Holey Moley Escapade

We started our work party at Holey Moley: an establishment for food and mini golf, it was a perfect venue to start the day. After a couple of pizzas and drinks, we head straight to the downstairs 9-holes golf with friendly animal theme that extended to house furniture. It gradually went from easy to crazy, but it was the good laugh that kept us till the end. This is my first time playing golf, and I excelled in hitting the ball hard, but it was when you need to go soft, I failed miserably. Luckily, I had good support and guidance from the team. As the booze kicks in, the group’s cheering and jeering caught many eyes, so much so, we even had “audience” checking us out: an old lady was very interested on what we were up to. She was so curious, she was standing between the ball and the hole at some point. We were all thinking the same thing: “Lady, you’re in our space!!”. Ah well, we managed to dodge her and props, and continued golfing.

We had so much fun, we continued upstairs for additional 9-holes. The theme upstairs was a mix of Elvis discotheque and Farm animals. It was an odd combination that was equally animated as downstairs but much tougher due to dim lighting. Tricky shots with unusual settings, spiked our interests. Plus drinks and laughter is an obvious recipe for good time. My worst shot was the “ass-hole”, where you need to hit the ball at correct angle to go through the hole that’s on the donkey’s fence. I lost most of my points there,  thank you Donkey (grrrrrrr)!! Overall, we had so much fun in Holey Moley, we came out having a big smile on our face.

Following that, was a relaxing session at a nearby dingy sports bar with loud noise. Obviously we settled in quite well, we have Nathan with us! We chose to sit outside area with some twigs falling on us from the trees whilst having a sip on drinks and munching some unhealthy snacks that Nathan got us from the bar. It was light and easy afternoon where everyone shared their stories and opinions. Some were passionate on sports, some on politics and some were just interested on silly stories.

Finally, we went for team dinner at Ichioku Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant in Newtown. It was very lively restaurant with big teppanyaki tables. Each group can order big banquets to share and if you choose to “play games” then you will be entertained by a personal Japanese chef cooking the food with some “added” fun. We had such an enjoyable time trying to cope with Japanese machine gun – fried egg shooting and catching flying fried rice into a bowl. We were all drenched in food at the end of the show. Of course, we also had a really good Japanese gourmet dish cooked and served right in front of us.

All in all, it was a good relaxing day out for the whole team. We were able to recharge for upcoming challenging weeks ahead where we have to work weekends delivering projects for multiple clients.

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