About Us

DataByte was founded by James Noonan and Ron Kuprowsky in 2002 as a total solutions provider with the goal to deliver innovative and high quality software, service and support. Over the years, and through successful business relationships with leading national retailers in Australia, DataByte has grown to become experts in enterprise retail technology systems.

We are here to help your business achieve its full potential.



DataByte Headquarters

Suite 2C4, 25 – 33 Allen St
Waterloo NSW 2017

Phone +61 2 8076 4920
Fax +61 2 8076 4929



Our team is highly skilled professionals where our expertise covers a wide range of solutions from hardware/software support, customised programming, hosting web-based systems, infrastructure support, operating system support and legacy system support. We are currently located in Sydney but our clientele extends to Melbourne and Brisbane.

We specialise in:-

Retail Systems

System Integration

Data Transformation

Customer Development

Database Maintenance

Financial Reporting



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