Through tailored approach, DataByte consultants leads our clients towards competitive advantage. Using systematic project-management methodology, our approach includes a comprehensive plan, requirements and configuration-mapping, software installation and testing, as well as extensive user training. Our consultants work closely with clients team to ensure smooth and successful implementation. 

We support our clients in shaping their business strategies by helping them to understand and integrate the core and emerging technologies that deliver a transformational effect on the way business happens. For our in-house development, we use agile methodology for our solutions. Our deliverables revolve around sprint retrospective, and we are heavily involved on the Day 2 requirements to provide our clients well suited for their business environment.

We gather understanding not just requirements, as we realise that it the best way to deliver our product. We kick start the project using sprint planning session, we begin by focusing on translating the most important PBIs from the product backlog to the sprint backlog. Then whilst our development folks works on the first sprint, we shift to the upcoming sprint. This allows the continual user engagement, and ensure the project move smooth on time within budget.

Our unique blend of business, technology and application know-how is backed by a commitment to R&D that keeps us at the forefront of technical innovation. We capture and translate business requirements into market-leading technology solutions, made real through custom software development. We believe in proactive project management and we have developed a thorough testing strategy which covers both project and continuous testing. This helps to ensure that projects are delivered accurately, on time and meet client expectations. Once a system has been implemented, it is essential that the platform is maintained and that hardware and software components remain up-to-date and compatible.

For our third party solution provider projects, we typically use waterfall method as that’s usually what the clients request for their project. We get the initial software from the software provider. We assess client’s environment, perform client specific upgrade and configuration based on the assessment. Our services extends further than the technical upgrade, as we also provide first level support, and we retrofit any gaps in clients environment with our own embedded solution. Our implementation support extends with warranty period that give our clients peace of mind.





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