Software Development

DataByte software development team delivers total business integration. Our expertise revolves around many verticals and business domains. We offer management depth, technological skills, enterprise-application expertise and strategic direction to help you extend and enhance existing or new business. We convert our consulting expertise into reliable delivery capability to maintain business as usual for many of our clients.

DataByte enables clients to stay ahead of the market with people, processes and infrastructure based seamless service at enterprise scale. Customers can utilise DataByte on long-term, short-term or one-off projects and can be assured of a cost effective solution to fit their requirements. Our structured time billing policy also assures the customer of a fair deal when estimating long-term project costs.

We help clients harness the power of DevOps, using our technical expertise and vast experience, so they can control, manage and optimise delivery management. This approach increases quality, meets compliance, enables speed and scalability. We can ensure applications stability and IT systems according to our clients’ operational requirements, whilst providing embedded software solutions at clients request. Thus freeing up valuable resources for clients team to focus on future-proofing initiatives.

Our process takes holistic view of our clients’ development and operations teams, implementing a solution that satisfies the business demands. We combine our deep understanding of your business with our market knowledge to provide the best solution for your business. We make our client’s initial idea to end product through reliable delivery pipeline that rapidly accelerates innovation pace, time to market and reduces on-going maintenance costs that exceeds benchmark quality.   

We have an extensive track record in providing our clients with access to unique skill sets within our team that enables us to cover in the following areas:


♦  Technologies
   Bootstrap CSS
   Service Stack
   HTML 5
   Cold Fusion
   Macromedia Flash
   Visual C ++
   Microsoft SQL
   Borland Interbase
   All Other ODBC-Compliant
   Applications – SAP
   JD Edwards
   JDA (MMS)
   Torex Retail
   Lotus Notes
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