Customer Relationship Management

DataByte CRM aims not only to provide businesses collated customer information and sales details, but also to ease customers’ engagement process. CRM simplifies customers on boarding onto company brands and managing their membership lifecycle through campaign automation.


  • Group Listing
  • RFM Matrix Analysis
  • Portability and accuracy 

Highly Integrated customer module where users get real time data sync as customers signing up from various channels: POS or Online. Smart scoring using RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) Matrix allows users manage customers grouping and launching campaigns that will increase more sales.




  • Simplified Query
  • Efficient
  • Effective 

Targeted campaigning is highly sorted capability in CRM as it allows users to flexibility to analyse their customers and automate the system to conduct the campaigning by using easy to use rules management in query criteria. This capability allows users to easily automate sales promotion, campaigning and rewarding individual customers collectively.




  • Maintenance Flexibility 
  • Dynamic Data Driven Functionality
  • Easy

Rewarding your people to ensure staff recognition and motivation to perform better. The discount module in CRM allows users to reward staffs based on their profiles. Staffs are eligible to more than one discounts. Plus, the discounts can also be linked if the allowance has been used up. All these setups are user driven and takes effect on real time basis.








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