DataByte WebTools equips businesses with a centralised portal to seamlessly integrate with multiple systems to perform business work flow in one application. WebTools streamline processes and automates end to end processing. And it is highly tailored to suit your business needs.


  • Bulk uploading
  • Flexible layout
  • Data Integrity

Minimise Keystrokes by using Mass Style Upload, users can import new styles, barcodes and vendors into the system in one go. The import feature caters for CSV feed which is then validated, formatted and interfaced to the backend system in real time.




  • User friendly    
  • Smart built-ins
  • Optimised

Quick and Easy Min Max profile creation and management for stores’ inventory by SKU level for allocation and replenishment. The minimum and maximum settings will be used for distribution based on inventory count.




  • Comprehensive
  • Efficient
  • Automated

Simplified order management where users are able to import orders using Excel document, and system able to map and process the orders, hence eliminating most of the buyers’ manual work.    




  • Strategic planning
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Straightforward

End to End pricing management with convenient features available for users to manage their product pricing in stores based on pricing groups, geographical locations and seasonal pricing.