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What we do

Customised software solutions

DataByte can help you developed tailor-made software solutions to streamline business processes and increase efficiency.

Software consulting and integration

Leverage our expertise to optimise your software ecosystem and seamlessly integrate new solutions with existing systems.

Application maintenance and support

Ensure the reliability and performance of your applications with our comprehensive maintenance and support services.

Customised application development

Let us transform your ideas into robust and scalable software solutions that meet your specific business needs.


Our cutting-edge retail reporting and dashboard solution is designed to help you gain a competitive edge by providing real-time visibility into your operations, sales, and customer behaviour. Say goodbye to data overload and hello to informed decision-making.

Database analysis

It's time to harness the full potential of your valuable information with our advanced database analysis solutions. We're here to help you transform raw data into actionable intelligence, driving informed decisions, and accelerating your business growth.

Our products

Customer Relationship Management

Our CRM software is designed to supercharge your sales and boost customer satisfaction, giving you access to insightful analytics and reports to help you make data data-driven decisions.
Contact management
Organise and centralise all your customer information in one place, and communicate seamlessly with clients from within the CRM.
Stay competitive
Keep pace with industry trends and changing customer expectations, ensuring you're always ahead of the competition.
Security and compliance
Keep your mind at ease, knowing that our CRM system is equipped with robust security features, protecting both your data and your customers' information.

Order Management System

Our OMS is designed to streamline your entire order lifecycle, from customer inquiry to order fulfillment, and everything in between. Our reporting dashboards can help you identify sales trends, and plan for growth.
Optimise order processing
Efficient inventory management can help you reduce bottlenecks and order fulfillment times, ensuring orders are processed accurately.
Real-time inventory management
Keep a pulse on your inventory levels 24/7. Restock proactively, reduce overstock, and optimise your supply chain.
Multi-channel integration
Integrate with various sales channels, whether it's your website, social media, or marketplaces, ensuring consistent order management across the board.

Point of Sale

With our POS system your business can go beyond the limitations of traditional cash registers and bring your business inline with the new world of secure digital transactions and customer engagement.
Increase sales
Speedier transactions, targeted promotions, and a smooth checkout experience encourage customers to spend more.
Customer engagement
Capture valuable customer data, personalize promotions, and loyalty programs to build lasting relationships and boost repeat business.
Inventory management
Gain real-time visibility into your inventory levels. Restock intelligently, reduce stockouts, and optimise your purchasing decisions.


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